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Since 1979 Sabi Sabi has hosted visitors from all over the world, drawn to this unique area by the promise of the safari experience of a lifetime. Located in the Sabie Game Reserve in the South-Western section of the Greater Kruger National Park, Sabi Sabi is a wildlife sanctuary offering incomparable 5-star luxury at each of its four exclusive lodges, each of which embody a classic design style.

Sabi Sabi has always been committed to demonstrating how ecotourism can tangibly support nature and people and how responsible tourism can lead to sustainable benefits, to both the people and the environment and contribute substantially to the socio-economic development of the people living on the boundaries of the protected areas. Sabi Sabi has a long history of supporting community projects that aim to uplift, sustain and develop communities in the long term and this is most evident in the contribution that Sabi Sabi plays in local employment.

By balancing and sustaining the needs of conservation, ecotourism and community development, by providing a meaningful Big 5 experience for discerning guests and by employing a complement of warm, hospitable and dedicated staff, Sabi Sabi is a classic local example of this broader vision.

The Sabi Sabi Foundation was formed to grow custodians of our natural heritage - custodianship through education, employment and conservation.


Sabi Sabi has always endeavoured to focus its community involvement on projects that benefit and involve staff, their families and respective communities. To the west Sabi Sabi borders Ximungwe district of the Bushbuckridge municipality (encompassing the rural Shangaan villages of Huntington, Lillydale and Justicia) where many of our staff live. Lodge staff employed by Sabi Sabi support a high number of dependents in these communities, representing tangible benefits that extend beyond the boundaries of our protected area. The Sabi Sabi Foundation aims to provide additional support for these communities by growing custodians of our natural heritage in general through education, employment and conservation.

The Foundation’s mission is to make a difference by fostering the success and upliftment of our neighbours in the communities bordering the reserve. We do this through (i) co-ordinating poverty relief in line with identified needs, (ii) supporting the provision of quality education, (iii) bridging access to employment, (iv) nurturing the development of future leaders and (v) protecting and conserving indigenous fauna and flora. Financial benefits by employment are significant, but not the only contributor to benefits. Benefits from the tourism operation extends beyond the boundaries of our Protected Area and to the people in these communities. The challenge is to ensure that such benefits are sustainable. By supporting various community projects and promoting participation, accountability, transparency, democracy and good governance and ‘putting the last first’ one hopes that this can be achieved and things will come right for the legitimate recipients.

The Sabi Sabi Foundation is based on the principles of integrating the cornerstones of ecotourism, conservation and community and putting them into practice. By working together with people and wildlife and partnering with institutions which share similar principles, the Sabi Sabi Foundation strives to be able to solve conservation and development challenges in the region for the benefit of future generations.

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Yesterday… Today… Tomorrow

We feel strongly that the needs of the community should not be neglected during this challenging time and offering benefactors a chance to make a difference to those less fortunate. The first of these water projects is under construction in Huntington. There still is a huge demand and need for additional water towers in our neighbouring communities. Through donations and guest funding, the Sabi Sabi Foundation remain committed to achieving this target. We welcome the opportunity to work with you in changing people’s lives through providing access to something one would think is freely available to all.


Donations made from within the Republic of South Africa qualify for 18A Certificate.

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