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Water Supply Project

It is apparent that the supply of potable water is an essential need in many of our neighbouring communities. Unfortunately, the supply of water is a major challenge given the historical deficiencies in architecture and developmental neglect within the community areas surrounding the reserve. Water supply remains a stark challenge and again is brought to light given the overriding importance of strict hand-washing and hygiene requirements in the current pandemic.

Fortunately, a solution to this quandary exists – and the innovative technology has been pioneered and tested by a remarkable not-for-profit company Innovation: Africa. The Sabi Sabi Foundation are delighted to announce our partnership with Innovation: Africa and the launch of a campaign for the funding of the construction of the first water project to supply sustainable potable water to a sizeable part of the Huntington community.

The completion of this first project will benefit and alleviate pressure on many households, and additional projects are planned following the completion of the first construction. The Sabi Sabi Foundation, together with Innovation: Africa (iASA), will work closely with the local Community to ensure the success of this project. A standard water stand construction takes approximately 16 – 24 weeks from start to finish. A needs analysis is done and the community engaged on the same. Hydro-geological surveys are conducted. A borehole is drilled and flow and water quality tested. Purification systems are implemented as required. The construction of the stand follows with the installation of solar panels, and the fitting of remote flow monitors. The community nominates individuals who are trained and eventually oversee the maintenance of the project, with the ongoing support of iASA.

Each construction consists of a pump – that is estimated to provide around 30,000 litres of water per day to approximately 10 taps throughout the village, each tap up to 5km distance from the main reservoir. Pipes are installed from the central stand to various points in the village, the points selected by community members. iASA works with two local empowerment companies for construction, which then employ 5 women and 5 men from the local community, per project. This water project maintenance team remain post construction as employees of the community. The remote monitoring further ensures that any interruptions to water supply are rapidly resolved with the assistance of both the project maintenance team and iASA.

The iASA model has to date positively impacted over 1.5 million people in 10 African countries, and will shortly bring much needed relief to many of our staff, and other households in the Huntington community.

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